Sauna world

   Mon–Sun 10:00–22:00

Upon entering the sauna world, relaxation in a magical garden containing seven different types of mysterious cabins opens up for you. 

In the Sauna world you will find:

Herbal sauna

80–90 °C

20–30 %

The herbal sauna entices you especially with the scent and effects of herbal essences, which have a beneficial effect on your body and soul. The bright wall is decorated with thyme, marigold, echinacea, licorice and others. Above the stove, there is a vaporizer full of herbs, the smell of which gradually evaporates into the entire area of the sauna. 

honey sauna

80–90 °C

10–20 %

In this unique honey sauna, which is inspired by the honeycombs of wild bees, intense sweating occurs thanks to the combination of automatic steam burst and high temperature. Thus, the sauna cleanses the body of waste substances and provides relief in joint pain and relaxation of the respiratory tract. 


85–95 °C

The panoramic dry sauna overlooking a small cooling pond draws you into the beauty of our magical garden full of saunas. Large-​format light wood tiling and forest essence give the whole space elegance and pleasant aroma. 


70–80 °C

Suspended wooden veneers dominate the area of the orchard sauna. With their movement and play of light and shadow, they resemble fruits and petals on a tree. The sauna has higher humidity, and its intertwined walls together with fruit essences bring you under the orchard trees from Josef Lada's fairy tales.

Small dome

80–95 °C

The most spacious outdoor sauna in the sauna world, which is unique by the central location of the stove and the all-​​day program in the form of sauna ceremonies. The humidity and temperature in the room may vary depending on the ceremonies. The capacity of the sauna is up to 60 people.

big dome

80–95 °C

The most modern ceremonial sauna, which hides a unique sound system, high-​quality lighting, audio-​visual elements and a small stage for sauna masters. In addition to standard ceremonies, sauna events (nights, competitions) are also organized in the sauna. The humidity and temperature in the room may vary depending on the ceremonies being performed. The capacity of the ceremonial sauna is up to 150 people.


35–45 °C

Pleasant warm light pulsates through the tepidarium in a slow breath rhythm that subconsciously helps calm your breath and mind. Relaxation is made more pleasant by sitting on heated screed benches. Tepidarium is characterized by a floating temperature, which varies depending on the weather.

salt sauna

70–80 °C

5–10 %

The salt sauna offers a combination of dry sauna and unique properties of salt. Illuminated strips on the walls made of Himalayan salt bricks and a pleasant warm glow have calming effect on the human psyche. When staying in a salt sauna we also absorb minerals that have a very beneficial effect on the human body, especially on the airways, skin and concentration.



Natural swimming lake with clean, filtered water is used to cool the heated body after sauna. Before entering the lake, it is necessary to take a shower. The water temperature varies depending on the weather. 


The design of the cooling zones resembles a rock, from which a spring of ice water springs out to cool the heated body after sauna. 


For your relaxation after the sauna, there is the indoor relax zone, the so-​called orangery, which is dominated by a skylight and ubiquitous hanging live plants. There are outdoor deck chairs or a seating area at the fresh bar. An outdoor relax zone invites you to watch what is happening in the garden from the deck chair. Refreshments are available at the fresh bar with a seating area, where we prepare fresh and healthy snacks every day.

Wellness is designed for adults and people over 145 cm.
Children under 15 must be under the constant supervision of a person over 18 years of age.

SAUNa Ceremonies

Unusual experience

Sauna ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, but are relatively young. We would like to let you have a closer look at these procedures and give you tips on how to enjoy them best.

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